Africa and its European and Asian environment, by Jean Jolly

Press commentaries

2008-2009 ••• LE POINT (Mireille Duteil) – An excellent, clear summary of history, geography and anthropology, coupled with a beautiful book • LES ECHOS (Jacques Hubert-Rodier) – A great achievement... The atlas is aimed at a very wide audience without for all that falling into the trap of oversimplification • LE BULLETIN QUOTIDIEN (Marie Bezou) – Indispensable for understanding the comparative and simultaneous development of three continents • RADIO-NOTRE-DAME (Denise Dumolin) – An exceptional piece of work • L'INDEPENDANT (Jérôme Damoison) – A colossal work... A very educational work • ASSOCIATED PRESS (Robert Quiriconi) – This atlas restores Africa to its rightful place in world history... A "must" for a real understanding of the drama Africa is going through today • AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE (Christophe de Roquefeuil) – Richly illustrated by around fifty maps, a vast historical, political, cultural and economic fresco of the African continent • MEMOIRE PLURIELLE (Janine de La Hogue) – A remarkable piece of work... It is at once an erudite and communicative book... Excellent historical-geographical texts highly illustrated by exceptional maps • LCI - LA CHAINE INFO (Vincent Hervouët) – Excellent • LA LETTRE DU CONTINENT (Antoine Glaser) – Superb cartography. An absorbing work • GUIDIPLO – A fascinating work • LES CAHIERS DE L'AFRIQUE – Presents keys to understanding the ever-changing life of a continent • L'ECHO DU MALI (Dominique Rostini) – A remarkable work, well-documented and presented, illustrated by numerous maps • LE MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE (Anne-Cécile Robert) – The enthralling work of the author and the quality of the cartography make this atlas an appreciable work tool • LA CROIX (Jean-Christophe Ploquin) – This is one of those atlases one browses through as one does a beautiful book and encourages one to wander through them, at the same time diffusing their knowledge... Packed with anecdotes, full of surprises • L'HUMANITÉ (Jean-Paul Piérot) – The great interest of this work lies in the visual and accessible presentation of the history of men living in the cradle of mankind • RIVAROL (Jean-Paul Angelelli) – The best dossier (updated) on an Africa from now on integrated into world history and residing on our very doorstep. • JEUNE AFRIQUE ÉCONOMIE (Georges Maigre) – Verities that disturb some complacent and conformist minds... A beautiful book written by an independant mind and a friend of african people. • L'ALGÉRIANISTE (Marie-Jeanne Groud) – Jean Jolly presents us here with a literary and scientific exploit... This reference book makes us aware of the dimension of the history of civilisations... and the transformations, influences and interactions they go through... An eminent educational work which helps us foresee the transformations that are coming in the modern world and an indispensable tool for young people who wish to widen their field of studies • LE SPECTACLE DU MONDE (Gérald Olivier) – Unique in its kind, this work presents us with essential keys for understanding the dramas which ravage the dark continent today • OUEST-FRANCE (Joseph Limagne) – Fifty large maps, illustrating a clear and precise text, present us with the richness and complexity of a history that is much more in movement than we think. The author knows what he is talking about • RTBF-RADIO BELGE (Istvan Felkaï) – One of the original features of this work, is the highlighting of the constant interactions between African history and European and Asian history • PARIS-NORMANDIE (Benoît Vochelet) – Using around fifty maps, Jean Jolly facilitates an approach to the African continent which is as much historical and economic as it is human. It is done in a very intelligent manner. Indispensable •  ARMÉES D'AUJOURD'HUI – An initiating voyage through the history of a fascinating continent • L'ALSACE (Francis Claudel) – Keys for understanding the ever-changing life of a continent which is again becoming the theatre of strong international competition • ALTERNATIVES ECONOMIQUES (Jean-Joseph Boillot) – One of those rare historical atlases on Africa which has the advantage of covering several millennia without becoming over-simplistic • LE TÉLÉGRAMME (Hubert Coudurier) – Jean Jolly presents a comparative vision of the development of Africa, Europe and Asia • LE PARISIEN (Bruno Fanucchi) – This educational work is illustrated by around fifty maps and remains easy to consult in spite of the wealth of information it contains. • LA GAZETTE DE LA PRESSE FRANCOPHONE – This fascinating atlas is an excellent introduction to the history of Africa • LES NOUVELLES DE LA PRESSE DIPLOMATIQUE – A work of quality and a beautiful book ••• 

The press and the previous edition ••• LE FIGARO (Baudouin Bollaert) – A three-dimensional atlas... Jean Jolly likes gigantic undertakings... He has produced an atlas that retraces the comparative development of the Dark Continent, Europe and Asia, from prehistoric times to the dawn of the XXIst century • L'INDÉPENDANT (Gérard Bonet) – This didactic work is aimed at a very wide audience... Its main originality lies in the comparative Africa-Europe-Asia approach adopted by Jean Jolly through merging three sciences: geography, history and anthropology • LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR (François Schlosser) – It required audaciousness and obstinacy in order to produce this synoptic cartography centred on the Africans and thereby to show to what extent their continent has been mixed in with the history of the world, from prehistoric times up to the XXIst century • LA CORRESPONDANCE DE LA PRESSE – An open window on a part of the world, especially useful for understanding the religious quarrels and the politico-economic conflicts which never stop shaking it • FRANCE PAYS ARABES (Max Jalade) –Here is an extraordinary atlas • MIDI LIBRE – An excellent atlas accessible to all • LA GAZETTE – This atlas gives Africa its rightful place in world history • LES DERNIÈRES NOUVELLES D'ALSACE – This historical atlas retraces chronologically, from prehistoric times to the present day, the major events in Africa, Europe and Asia • ARMÉES D'AUJOURD'HUI – A meticulous work • LE QUOTIDIEN DE LA RÉUNION – This historical atlas enables us to study the African continent in light of the development of its links with the rest of the world from prehistoric times to the present day • RIVAROL – A success • LE BULLETIN QUOTIDIEN – This richly illustrated work, is much more than a mere aide-memoire • LE VIF-L'EXPRESS (O. R.) – This atlas puts Africa back into world history • MES NOUVELLES – Keys for understanding today's Africa • LES NOUVELLES DE LA PRESSE DIPLOMATIQUE – a very original and fascinating work which brings to light the links between Africa and the rest of the world, from its origins to the present day • AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE (Suzette Bloch) – This intelligent atlas enables us to understand Africa in its context and to reconsider our preconceived ideas • LE SPECTACLE DU MONDE (Gérard Olivier) – Jean Jolly retraces the epic saga of a continent and gives it back its place in the history of civilisations • RADIO FRANCE INTERNATIONAL (Any Bourrier) – A perfect example of research into the common history of Africans, Europeans and Asians • LE POINT (Karène Bassompierre) – To understand the complexity of the development of Africa and reconsider our pre-conceived ideas • LE RÉPUBLICAIN LORRAIN (Antonella Krebs) – An educational and instructive work that gives all curious minds a better understanding of the paths taken by and the resilience of an Africa with a rich past • LA PROVENCE (Frédéric Cheutin) – An indispensable atlas for all those who are fascinated by Africa • L'ACTION FRANCAISE (M. J.) – A very attractive work tool • ASSOCIATED PRESS (Robert Quiriconi) – A "must" for getting a clear picture of the drama that Africa is going through today • BBC-AFRIQUE – On a single map and on thirty-four maps, we discover the comparative history of Africa, Europe and Asia • MÉMOIRE PLURIELLE – An original work which should find its place in every good library • ATLAS-HISTORIQUE.NET – Here is a work which will fully satisfy all those who are interested in Africa: scholars and self-learners, students and researchers • YAHOO ACTUALITÉS – Accessible to all, this historical atlas is a repeat performance of great calibre • L'ECHO DU MALI – Maps that speak • EDICOM NEWS – Clear, well-documented, this work fully demonstrates the comparative and simultaneous development of Africa, Europe and Asia, from pre-historic times to the present day • DESTINATIONS AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT – A magnificent work that restores Africa to the heart of international relations • PR V. Y. MUDIMBÉ – This top-quality work, deals at one and the same time with geography, history and anthropology... We should be grateful to Jean Jolly for this magnificent work ••• 

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